Welcome to Kasario Birmans,specialising in chocolate and lilac with seal, blue and sometimes tabbies available to approved homes.

My husband and I live in beautiful Titirangi in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges in Auckland.  Our house is surrounded by bush and overlooks the Manukau Harbour.
I am a primary school principal and my husband is semi retired and works from home. We share our lives with 2 neutered boys Impi and Louis, a retired queen Karsavina, two working girls Fille and Jazz, 2 young girls and our stud cat Romeo.  Breeding birmans is a hobby rather than a business and as our cats are an important part of our family they live with us with the exception of Kiki who has his own bachelor pad complete with sea views!.  I bought my first pet birman, a huge sealpoint named Westvue Impresario ( Impi) in 1998.  I took him to a National Birman Show and he came away with two trophies  -  Best Sealpoint N/S Kitten and Best in Show N/S kitten.  I was hooked!  I had also fallen in love with the chocolatepoints being bred by Chris Elsmore, June Mateer and Julie Simpson so at the first opportunity I purchased my first chocolatepoint queen Westvue Karsavina. 
Her first litter produced a seal male and chocolate female both of whom we kept.
The chocolate female Westvue La Belle Fille has become the most titled chocolatepoint Birman cat to date.

seal point Birman
The name Kasario is made up from the names of my first two birmans - Impresario and Karsavina as without these two cats I would not have started on the wonderful journey of breeding these beautiful creatures.My aim is to breed birmans with excellent type and temperaments.  The girls have only one litter a year and kittens are born and raised in our home which ensures that they go to their new homes well socialised. My cats’ and kittens’ health , both physical and mental, is of utmost importance and they receive very high quality care and attention.
If you are interested in owning one of my cats please visit the  Contact Page and send me your details.

Special thanks to Wendy Hamilton of Zarlee Birmans who has designed this website.  Her efforts in producing this very professional website have enabled me to share my beautiful cats with you. Thanks Wendy

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