The Sacred Cat of Burma - The Birman

The ideal Birman is a large, long, stocky cat. It has long silky hair, not as thick as that of the Persian and is of a texture that doesn’t mat. The colour of the coat is light, preferably with a golden cast, as if misted with gold. The “points” - face, legs and tail - are darker, similar to the Siamese and colourpointed Persian colour patterns of seal point, blue point, chocolate point and lilac point. The almost round eyes are blue, set in a strong face with a  full chin and a roman nose. The very distinctive white feet are ideally symmetrical. The gloves on the front feet, if perfect, go across in an even line, and on the back feet end in a point up the back of the leg, called gauntlets. It is very difficult to breed a cat with four perfect white gloves!
The Birman personality is marvellous - gentle, inquisitive and playful. They are intelligent and form a strong bond with people. Birmans have a social nature that makes them great companions but if you work and the cat is home alone, consider getting another kitten as a friend.

A birman coat is semi longhaired and tangle free. A light brushing every few days removes dead hair and helps prevent fur balls. Extra grooming is a good idea when your adult cat is moulting. Your cat will enjoy the grooming and the quality time spent with you!

Purchasing a Kasario kitten
Our girls have only one litter a year and as the kittens are raised in our home they become a part of our family.  Consequently kittens are sold to approved homes only.
Kittens can go to their new homes from 12 weeks of age. They are registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy inc and are fully vaccinated.
 If you purchase a Kasario baby you will receive:

  • a desexing contract
  • a vaccination booklet with vaccination and worming regimes
  • a copy of the pedigree
  • an information leaflet on care of your kitten including dietary requirements

We do not sell kittens for breeding and so the desexing contract is compulsory. Once your veterinarian has provided proof that de sexing has occurred ownership papers for your kitten will be transferred into your name. Please note that I have the right to uplift the kitten if de sexing has not occurred by the agreed date.

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